8 People to Follow on Twitter if you are Interested in Human Ecology

1) Steve Carpenter (@FreshewaterSteve)

Steve is a Professor of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin and a world renowned expert on freshwater ecosystems. He particularly focuses on human interactions with lakes such as fishing and the introduction of foreign species. An entertaining Tweeter, Steve’s account is a one-stop shop to learn more about lake eco-systems and other human ecology issues, as he collates relevant articles and links on his profile.

2) Pamela McElwee (@PamMcElwee)

Pamela is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Ecology at the University of New Jersey, and brings that encyclopedic knowledge of the world’s eco-systems to her Twitter account. Her recent tweets have been drawing attention to the difficult tightrope Vietnam is currently walking: how to keep its lucrative tourism industry while protecting its stunning natural environment.

 3) John Buckwalter (@JohnBuckwalter1) Dean of the College of Human Ecology at the University of Kansas, John’s account gives you an idea of what life is like at one of the most prestigious human ecology departments in the world. He also frequently travels to international human ecology conferences, giving you a virtual ticket to some of the most interesting environmental events going on.

4) The Centre for Human Ecology (@CHumanEcology)  The Centre for Human Ecology is a Scottish based charity helping organisations pursue greener and more ethical practices. They also have a very good Facebook page here.

5) Karen M. O’Neill (@koneill_nj)

An Associate Professor in Sociology at the Department of Human Ecology in Rutgers University in New Jersey, Karen studies how politics and policies affect natural resources. She has co-edited a book on how race, transportation and land use contributed to the devastation seen in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The best thing about her tweets are how understandable they are, linking human ecology into everyday institutions and activities.

6) The College of Human Ecology Student Council (@UPLBCHESC)

This Filipino organisation gives an interesting insight into how young people in the country are tackling human ecology issues. They also live-tweet events – such as the Filipino State of the Nation Address – from a human ecology point of view.

7) Jane Samuels (@Jane_Samuels)

As well as being a trustee of CHEC Jane is a prolific tweeter about everything from picking holes in UK Government policy to how to preserve the world’s bee population. An architect by training, she is a published author on issues of urban development and revitilisation.

8) The Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (@CWHumanEcology) And lastly there is of course CHEC! We aim to keep you updated on what we’re doing, our projects and how we are making a difference in the Commonwealth and beyond. We’ll also be retweeting the best articles and blogs related to human ecology to our followers, so why not have a look around and follow us?

Think we’ve missed someone? Tweets us @CwHumanEcology and we’ll add them to this list. 

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