Call for Articles – Human Ecology Journal 28: People

Human Ecology is the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council’s own journal which is going into its 28th issue. The journal is distributed around the world and is read by senior politicians, Commonwealth public servants, and NGOs around the world including Africa and Asia.       

This issue will be about People: individuals, group of peoples and communities. It will look at how everyday aspects of society, culture and economics affect our environment. It will be about human resilience against the adversities affecting our environment today showing signs of hope, fairness and security.    

We encourage submissions on the following themes, as well as submissions of a general nature:  

  • Climate Change 
  • Food Insecurity / Security 
  • Pollution  
  • Environmental Destruction 
  • Environmental / Human Rights   

We therefore request our contributors to submit brief, clear, highly readable articles of 1,000 to 2,000 words (approximately 2 to 3 pages A4).  Please avoid academic jargon and detailed referencing of scholarly publications.   

Illustrations are most welcome. Please submit high resolution, high contrast photographs with clear captions.  Wherever possible, submit photographs as jpeg or tif files along with your typescript.  (Original digital photos are usually in one of these formats).  Please submit the text of your contribution in Word format, double-spaced on A4 page size, with wide margins.     

Our editors will review all contributions and send them back to you with suggestions on improvements or changes. When you receive the comments, please reply within two weeks.    

If you are interested in contributing, please let us know before 15 December 2017.  The deadline for submitting final contributions is 28 February 2018 

We are grateful for contributions to the journal.   

The latest versions of our Human Ecology journals are available at:    

Please send your draft contribution by email to:   

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