CHEC Announces New Journal for International Day of Forests

CHEC Announces New Journal for International Day of Forests

On the International Day of Forests, CHEC is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new special issue of HUMAN ECOLOGY, the CHEC journal, devoted to forests, reporting on actions throughout the Commonwealth to improve forest management, whether safeguarding the interest of indigenous peoples, protecting biodiversity, improving the use of forests to reduce environmental risks, including climate change, or providing opportunities for urban communities to enjoy nature.

Among the key contributors are Alan Pottinger of the Commonwealth Forestry Association on The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy: promoting forests through out the Commonwealth; Peter Bruce-Iri about the Tai Tokerau Climate Change Project, New Zealand; John Innes on Traditional forest people and indigenous forest users, British Columbia, Dinesh Kaipilly on the Impact of anthropogenic pressures on forests on a tribal community in the Western Ghats, India; Molly Gaskin of the Pointe-a Pitre Wildfowl Trust on Wetlands and Forest in Trinidad and Tobago; David Lindenmayer on Changing management goals in Australian forests towards biodiversity protection and ecosystem services provision; and Glenn Baldwin on Auroville’s reafforestation effort as part of biodiversity conservation in S.E. India.

British contributions will look at urban forests (Paul Nolan, The Mersey Forest), personal and cultural relationships in unlocking environmental action (Judy Ling Wong, Honorary President, Black Environment Network) and trees in the urban landscape (Sue James , Trees and Design Action Group, UK). These and other papers will be in the special issue to be published online by May 31st 2022.

The Special Issue is edited by Ian Douglas, a Past Chairman of CHEC’s Governing Board, who has worked in Tropical Rain Forests in Australia and Malaysia at many times since 1963. His in-depth overview of the long-term hydrological research he initiated in Sabah in 1986 was published in 2022 as Water and the Rainforest in Malaysian Borneo in Springer’s Ecological Studies Series (No. 242).

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