CHEC at COP26 Report Published

CHEC at COP26 Report Published

The Commonwealth Human Ecology Council is pleased to announce the publication of it’s latest report “CHEC at COP26“. The report culminates the hard work the CHEC team has committed to the recent COP26 event in Glasgow in 2021. All of CHEC’s work at COP26 was covered in our dedicated COP26 Hub where you can find daily reviews, videos and news relating to everything that happened at COP26.

The new CHEC at COP26 report provides a great overview of some of the things that happened at COP26. This includes written overviews of the following topics:

  • A background and introduction to CHEC at COP26
  • Human Ecology and COP26 by Eva Ekehorn
  • Adaptation, Climate Accountability and the Commonwealth at COP26 by Mark Robinson
  • CHEC New Zealand and COP26 by Margaret Evans
  • Key COP26 Messages and the Youth by Rhonda Cox
  • Cities and Built Environment at COP26 by Jane Samuels
  • The Commonwealth and Mangroves at COP26 by Jane Samuels
  • Commonwealth, Civil Society and COP26 by Nicholas Watts
  • Gender and Inclusion at COP26 by Emily Robinson
  • Nature Based Solutions and COP26 by Ripin Kalra
  • COP26 and Finance – Adaptation Finance and Sustainability Disclosures by Subbu Loganathan
  • Climate Change and Health at COP26 by Trevor Peel
  • Concluding Remarks by Mark Robinson

The full report can be read online by clicking the image below:


Alternatively, it can be downloaded here: CHEC at COP26 Report.

Some of the summaries included in the report are taken from and are related to more in depth reports from the authors involved. The full reports from these authors can be found and read using the links below:

We’ve truly loved completing our work at COP26 and have loved all of the interaction we’ve had with our followers here at the CHEC website and across our social media accounts. Please continue to support CHEC and in the meantime, we’d love your thoughts on our CHEC at COP26 report as well as your key takeaways from the important climate conference. Leave a comment below!!

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