CHEC at the DGH Conference on Urbanity and Human Ecology

CHEC was supporting the Conference of the German Society for Human Ecology (DGH) on Urbanity and Human Ecology: Modifying European life for sustainability. The conference was held in Sommerhausen, Germany, between the 14th and 17th of May 2014. CHEC had a delegation of five to the conference: Eva Ekehorn, Ian Douglas and Andre Lombard from CHEC UK, Donnell Davis from CHEC Australia and Dr Morteza Honari from Iran.  A number of our delegates gave speeches to the conference on issues that they were particularly passionate about. Ian gave a keynote speech about “Sustainability and Equity in the Face of Climate   Change”, while Donnell’s keynote speech was on “The Social Dimension of Climate Change”. Dr Honari talked about “Health and Ecology of the urban” while Eva Ekehorn presented a paper of plastic usage as part of the presentation on “Urban Food and Meal Security”. The conference allowed CHEC delegates to meet and network with human ecologists from around Europe and beyond and to develop links with thinkers and organisations.

A detailed report will follow.

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