CHEC Journal – ‘Human Ecology 30: Mangroves’ Published

Cover Image of CHEC's journal on Mangroves

Today, CHEC published its latest human ecology journal on mangroves. Officially titled, “Human Ecology 30: Mangroves”, the journal addresses the important issue of mangroves in the global context. As it is known, mangroves are an important part of ecosystems and play a vital function in the world today, however, the impacts of climate change are damaging mangroves all over which is having devastating effects. The journal looks to address some of these issues and features contributions from people across the Commonwealth and world. A full list of contributions can be seen below:

  • Foreword – Ian Douglas and Eva Ekehorn
  • Music of Mother Mangrove (POEM) – Donnell Davis
  • Mangroves: an introduction – Ian Douglas
  • The Going Gets Tough for Mangroves – Aldrie Amir
  • Mangrove harbingers of coastal degradation seen in their responses to global climate change coupled with ever-increasing human pressures – Norman C. Duke
  • Mangrove ecosystem and coastal livelihood with special reference to the Indian scenario – Dinesh Kaippilly, Geeji M. Tharanath and E.R. Chinchu
  • Mangroves in The Gambia: the Bolongfenyo Community Wildlife Reserve, A Gambian community-based organisation’s efforts to conserve mangroves – Badara Bajo
  • Updates on Impacts of Climate Change on Mangroves – Joanna C. Ellison
  • Mangrove Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Advice on Improved Success – Joanna C. Ellison
  • Jangigir – Building Better Biomes: Coastal communities renewing mangroves as resilient climate infrastructure – Donnell Davis
  • Mangrove Conservation in Australia: Involving all People – Janine Pierce
  • Mangroves in New Zealand – a love-hate story – Michael Donoghu

The journal can be downloaded here while the full catalogue of CHEC’s past journals can be found here.

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