CHEC Journal – “Human Ecology 31: Pollution” Published

Journal 31 – Pollution

Today, CHEC published the 31st issue of its’ Human Ecology journal. The latest issue tackles the global problem of  “Pollution” in all the forms it takes. In doing so, this issue of the journal continues the great research of previous years and sees articles ranging from sub-themes of pollution (light, noise, air etc.) to location-specific case studies (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Africa, England etc.). Pollution is evidently a great issue of the world today and CHEC is proud to have produced an excellent resource with contributions from all over the world. The full list of articles can be found below:

  1. Introduction – Eva Ekehorn and Ian Douglas
  2. The nexus between indoor air pollution, electricity generation, waste management, and water supply in Nigeria – David Omole
  3. Pollution in Sri Lanka – Dulmani Atapattu
  4. Undesirable environment in India – Bharat Singh
  5. Litter, fly tipping and illegal dumping – Nigel Lawson
  6. Noise pollution  – Eve Ekehorn
  7. Light pollution  – Saman Waheed
  8. Air pollution and the Commonwealth – David M Gomez
  9. Urban air pollution – a Dhaka perspective – Tariq Bin Yousuf
  10. COVID-19 and urban air pollution – Ian Douglas
  11. Preventing pollution impacts on public health and pandemic prevalence in urban populations: Urban Design 4 Pandemics – Donnell Davis
  12. Indigenous sacred sites: A cautionary tale of destruction of significant cultural heritage sites by a mining corporation – Janine Pierce
  13. Trees are our past and our future: Lessons from pollution of forests in Australia – Janine Pierce
  14. Which solution towards managing regional water pollution problems? – Patricia Kabatabazi
  15. Combatting river pollution: the continuing battle in the River Mersey catchment, England – Ian Douglas
  16. Pollution and the impact on foreign fishing industry on Sardinella in West Africa – Badara Bajo and CanJarri McKinley
  17. Projects conducted by the Marine Life Conservation Society to combat pollution in the Marmara Sea – Volkan Narci and Aysenur Semiz

The journal can be viewed by clicking on the image at the start of this post of by downloading here.

“Human Ecology 31: Pollution” has been published days before CHEC’s Earth Day webinar on “The Climate in Crisis” which is going to feature an excellent presentation from CHEC’s Emily Robinson. The webinar takes place at 6pm on 22nd April 2021 and you can find out more here.

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