CHEC’s December 2021 Newsletter (COP26 Special Issue)

CHEC’s December 2021 Newsletter (COP26 Special Issue)

CHEC is pleased to announce the publication of its latest newsletter for December 2021. The newsletter is the last edition for 2021 and is a COP26 Special Issue. Therefore, it provides a detailed overview of everything CHEC got up to at COP26 and includes links to our “CHEC at COP26” outcome document.

You can view the newsletter by clicking the following link: December 2021 Newsletter (COP26 Special!!)🌏

You can join the newsletter by clicking this link: Join CHEC’s Newsletter

Got ideas? CHEC is keen to include items in the newsletter that our supporters are interested in, let us know the key topics you wish to see going forward and we will incorporate them!

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