Climate Change, Animals and COP26

Climate Change, Animals and COP26

Yesterday, we shared a very interesting video about COP26 and New Strategies for Climate Action. Today, we are sharing a really interesting article from the Financial Times that looks at climate change, animals and COP26. The article, entitled “What the Platypus Could Tell Us About Climate Change“, considers the perspectives of animals in the context of COP26.

You may be thinking “what’s a platypus got to do with COP26?”. The answer, is simply everything. We share this planet with all types of species and different animals. However, as the article, written by Jackie Higgins, shares, “the world we humans have built is at odds with the natural one”.

So what can we do about it? Well, that’s where the importance of COP26 lies. The conference is a huge opportunity for the world to make and commit to positive changes. For us and for animals.

However, as the main question behind the article poses – “What if the animals had a voice?” What would each animal ask for, or demand, from world leaders at COP26?

Jackie does a superb job in portraying this through suggesting what four animals would think and propose. The animals are:

  • The Mantis Shrimp
  • The Great Grey Owl
  • The Goliath Catfish
  • The Duckbilled Platypus

We won’t give too much else away as it’s an excellent read. Just be sure to go and read it! Read, “What the Platypus Could Tell Us About Climate Change” here. Once you have, come back, and let us know what you think different animals would prioritise and propose in the comments below.

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