“COP26: Challenges, Issues and Responses” – Special Edition Journal Published

“COP26: Challenges, Issues and Responses” – Special Edition Journal Published

CHEC is pleased to announce that “COP26: Challenges, Issues and Responses” has been published by The Round Table in The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs. The special edition version of the well-renowned Commonwealth journal is significant for CHEC.

CHEC Chairman, Mark Robinson coordinated the special edition and CHEC Board Member and Trustee, Ian Douglas contributed significantly. The special editor of the journal is also a close friend of CHEC, David Gomez, Director of the Ramphal Institute. David has been part of CHEC’s COP26 delegation visiting Glasgow since the 31st October.

An introduction to the journal by Mark Robinson can be seen below:

The articles forming the special edition cover and feature authors from all around the Commonwealth. The full list of articles is as follows:

  1. Commonwealth Update – Oren Gruenbaum
  2. Climate change – challenges, issues and Commonwealth responses – David Gomez
  3. Building more common wealth in a climate changed world – Jane Wilkinson
  4. Climate change and the increasing vulnerability of the poor in the Commonwealth – Ian Douglas
  5. Building climate resilient cities in the global South: assessing city adaptation plans in India – Hita Unnikrishnan & Harini Nagendra
  6. Local government leading climate action – Carl Wright
  7. Consequences of climate change in aquaculture and mitigation measures – lessons from Kerala, India – Geeji M. Tharanath, Jithin Kothalil, Dinesh Kaippilly & Vincenzo Zonno
  8. COP-26: the political conundrum – Mark Robinson
  9. Reflections on the 2021 general elections in St. Lucia – Cynthia Barrow-Giles & Tennyson S. D. Joseph
  10. Malaysia in crisis: political instability and feelings of hopelessness – Murray Hunte
  11. Crises & the challenges facing the UK’s non-sovereign territories – Harvey W. Armstrong & Robert Read
  12. Eswatini is burning; Britain lit the fuse – Joel Cabrita
  13. Lilliputians of South Asia – N. Manoharan
  14. The extraordinary burdens of Indian MPs – Shashi Tharoor
  15. Elephants as recipients of unusual attention from lawmakers and judges in South Asia – Dayanath Jayasuriya
  16. The wider implications of events in Afghanistan – Gaurie Dwivedi
  17. Formation: the making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation – Richard Bourne [BOOK REVIEW]
  18. India’s power elite: class, caste and a cultural revolution – Venkat Iyer [BOOK REVIEW]
  19. The international thought of Alfred Zimmern: classicism, Zionism and the shadow of Commonwealth – Benjamin Whitlock [BOOK REVIEW]
  20. Islam in Malaysia: an entwined history – Dina Surani Zaman [BOOK REVIEW]
  21. Commonwealth bookshelf – Compiled by Terry A. Barringer [BOOKS RECEIVED]

All articles can be read for free until the end of November. You can read them on the Taylor and Francis website here.

For more information on COP26, visit our COP26 Hub.

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