COP26 Daily Review: Sunday 31st October

COP26 Daily Review: Sunday 31st October

The first day of the COP26 conference began in Glasgow on Sunday 31st October. The global media, and world, all turned their eyes onto the procedural opening of negotiations, however, some world leaders were still in Italy at the G20 Summit. Despite this, it has been an extremely busy day with lots of speeches from world leaders in both Glasgow and Rome, and just as important, CHEC’s arrival in Scotland!

CHEC Arrives at COP26

Members of the CHEC delegate team started to arrive in Scotland on Sunday. They shared the following photos and videos:

Image of CHEC Chairman, Mark Robinson at COP26
CHEC Chairman, Mark Robinson at COP26
Image of CHEC Chairman, Mark Robinson and Board Member and Trustee, Emily Robinson outside the Hydro, Glasgow.
CHEC Chairman, Mark Robinson and Board Member and Trustee, Emily Robinson outside the Hydro, Glasgow.
Image of COP26 Electric Shuttle Bus
COP26 Electric Shuttle Bus

World Leaders Have their Say on the Task Ahead

Throughout the day, world leaders in Rome and Glasgow have been making statements on the climate crisis. Below, you can see what Boris Johnson and Joe Biden had to say,

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – “If Glasgow fails, the whole thing fails”

US President Joe Biden – Russia and China “basically didn’t show up”

G20’s “Meaningful and Effective Actions” Not Enough

Over the weekend, the G20 have been meeting. The final discussions of the world’s richest countries focussed on how they would collectively tackle the climate crisis.

The closing communiqué makes no reference to achieving net-zero by 2050 and while Italy’s Prime Minister mentions this, both China and Russia, who’s leaders are not attending COP26, have pushed their net-zero deadlines back to 2060.

The communiqué did promise to stop new coal projects internationally by the end of the year but not within each country’s own borders. This is not hugely surprising considering the recent report on coal lobbyists targeting the IPCC climate change report.

Antarctic Glacier Named After Glasgow

In a more trivial piece of news from the day, a previously unnamed glacier in Antarctica will now be called Glasgow Glacier. Eight other glaciers have also been named after cities where important climate reports have been agreed and published. The names are:

  • Incheon
  • Paris
  • Stockholm
  • Bali
  • Kyoto
  • Berlin
  • Rio
  • Geneva

Weather and Travel Chaos Ahead of COP26

Throughout Sunday, passengers were advised not to travel as disruptive weather caused huge delays on trainlines in and out of London.

London Euston, a station many heading to COP26 were departing from, was closed due to the weather with people being told to travel on Monday.

COP26 Daily Preview: Monday 1st November

The CHEC COP26 Daily Preview for Monday 1st November is now available. Take a look for an overview of what’s going on including events from the International Environmental Forum, North Norfolk District Council, the University of the Arts and the University of Waikato.

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