Delivering Human Ecology: The CHEC Way

Delivering Human Ecology: The CHEC Way

On August 20th, the European College of Human Ecology held it’s annual conference online. CHEC previously highlighted and shared details on the online conference here and encouraged visitors to sign up or send in submissions.

CHEC’s very own, Ian Douglas, did just this and presented an excellent talk on how CHEC has successfully delivered human ecology throughout various projects. Ian’s talk specifically looked at how small projects can improve and change lives which is something CHEC has become very proficient in.

The whole presentation provides a wonderful overview of the work CHEC has done over the years and is complemented with superb photos. It also shows some of the upcoming projects that CHEC has in the pipeline including projects in Sierra Leone, Kenya and India.

You can view the presentation below:

Alternatively, you can download the presentation here: Download Delivering Human Ecology: The CHEC Way

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