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CHEC works in a number of areas relating to human ecology. We support education, pollination and mangrove projects around the world and contribute to key areas such as soil’s importance on life, the world’s oceans and the climate crisis. However, over the years we’ve also written extensively about the negative impacts of fast fashion including the following articles

In that time, we’ve come across numerous key organisations tackling fast fashion and believe it’s a helpful resource to have these organisation’s details available in one database. Therefore, the following table lists the many different organisations working to tackle fast fashion. If you’re an individual, a social enterprise or a business interested in learning more about fast fashion then the chances are that one of the organisations below can help you.

Key Organisations Tackling Fast Fashion Database

Good On YouSocial Impact BusinessAustraliaAn app that rates fashion brands in relation to their ethics and sustainability encouraging a more sustainable and fair fashion industry.
Fashion Takes ActionNon-profit OrganisationCanadaA non-profit organisation who utilise education, awareness, research and collaboration to advance sustainability throughout the fashion industry.
Fixing FashionProjectGlobalA project of OneArmy that provides a detailed online resource and community designed to help you fix and repair your own clothing.
Fashion for GoodCollaborative Innovation PlatformNetherlandsA platform that brings together the full fashion ecosystem as a convenor for change championing safe materials, a circular economy, clean and renewable energy, clean water and safe living and working conditions.
Fair Wear FoundationNon-profit OrganisationNetherlandsA non-profit organisation that works to find fairer ways to make clothes, engaging directly with factories, trade unions, NGOs and governments.
Clean Clothes CampaignNetworkNetherlandsA global network of over 235 organisations connecting actors across the garment and sportswear industry, linking homebased worker organisations, grass-roots unions, women's organisations and trade unions, to labour rights and feminist organisations, CSOs and activists in both garment-producing and consumer market countries.
The UN Alliance for Sustainable FashionUN InitiativeSwitzerlandA UN initiative of agencies and allied organizations designed to contribute to the SDGs through coordinated action in the fashion sector.
Fashion ValuesNetworkUnited KingdomA network of partners who aims to make sustainable fashion education open, accessible and transformative. Current partners include the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Kering, IBM and Vogue Business.
Labour Behind the LabelNot-for-profit CompanyUnited KingdomA not-for-profit company that campaigns for garment workers' rights worldwide.
Common ObjectiveBusiness NetworkUnited KingdomA business network designed to build successful businesses, with a positive impact for people and the environment and with the aim to make sustainable fashion part of everyday life.
Fashion RevolutionGlobal MovementUnited KingdomA large fashion activist movement that seeks to mobilise citizens, brands and policymakers through their research, education and advocacy.
Centre for Sustainable FashionResearch CentreUnited KingdomA University of the Arts London research, education and knowledge exchange centre who provoke, challenge, and question the status quo in fashion.
TRAIDCharityUnited KingdomA charity that works to stop clothes being thrown away, funds international development projects to improve working conditions in the textile industry and educates people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment.
WRAPCharityUnited KingdomA charity encouraging sustainable resource use through product design, waste minimisation, re-use, recycling and reprocessing of waste materials.
Re/makeCommunity GroupUnited StatesA community of women rights advocates, fashion lovers and environmentalists aiming to change the fashion industry's harmful impact on people and the planet.
Textile ExchangeNon-profit OrganisationUnited StatesA non-profit organisation that publishes industry data and promotes leading industry standards in the fibre and materials industry.
Sustainably ChicBlogUnited StatesA blog offering online information on sustainable fashion, green beauty & eco lifestyle and including a sustainable brand directory.
Ethical ConsumerNot-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operativeUnited KingdomA site and magazine that provides the tools and resources you need to make ethical choices with specific guides on fashion and clothing.
TearfundCharityUnited KingdomCharity who organises the Great Fashion Fast encouraging people to wear just 10 items over a two-week period to help tackle climate change.
Ethical Fashion GuideWebsiteUnknownA website/blog that provides a guide to different brands providing ethical clothing.
Sustainable Fashion AllianceOnline CommunityUnknownAn online platform and community for sustainable entrepreneurs and creatives.
RedressCharityHong KongAn environmental charity looking to prevent and transform textile waste to catalyse a circular economy and reduce fashion's water, chemical and carbon footprints.

Using the Fast Fashion Database

The database of key organisations tackling fast fashion includes each organisation’s name with a link to the organisation’s website. Also shown is the organisations type, headquarters location and a short description.

The database is organised alphabetically by headquarters location. However, by clicking on the arrows in each column you can change the order.

Furthermore, the database also includes a search bar which filters items as you type. This is helpful when searching for specific areas that organisations work in.

Join the Fast Fashion Database

The database is an ongoing process. Therefore, it’s a work in progress. This means that we will continuously add key organisations tackling fast fashion as we come across them.

However, if you are an organisation working in this sphere and want to be added to the list, let us know by contacting us here!

Database Feedback / Issues

If you are experiencing any issues with the database or have ideas on how we can improve it as a resource please let us know by contacting us or commenting below!

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