New Journal ‘Water’ Out Now

‘Water’, is the 26th edition of the Journal of the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council and is available here.

The issue considers the range of challenges currently facing the world’s oceans and water resources. Long-serving CHEC Trustee Ian Douglas introduces the issue with reflections on the Millennium Development Goals and the ongoing difficulties of access to water in the Global South. “The challenge of future water involves new technologies, respect for traditional water users, anticipating climate change, acting both locally and globally, reducing waste of water through leakage and over-irrigation, ensuring that water and sanitation are extended to those still without access and a wide community understanding of water as a finite resource, than can be re-used with care and should always be protected from contamination and pollution.”

CHEC Hon. Secretary Eva Ekehorn comments on the complex ecological networks that comprise the world’s Oceans in a piece also available on CHEC’s website. Whilst Ekehorn paints a bleak picture of the potential future of the planet’s Oceans, Peter Hough’s piece offers a more hopeful thesis regarding the inter-state management of water resources. In securing access to water resources, states have – Hough argues – collaborated more often than resorted to outright conflict.

The issue rounds off with book reviews and a list of useful websites related to the themes set out in the journal which will be of interest to anyone working in our outside the Commonwealth on global water policy and programming.

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