Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – An Exclusive Introduction

Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – An Exclusive Introduction

While we’ve been working away creating new content on the CHEC website on topics such as the importance of forests, the ultimate guide to fast fashion and the global water crisis, a member of the CHEC Governing Board has been working hard on a an exclusive project.

Michael Mutter’s “Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’: How this human ecological concept influenced the UK’s International Official Development Assistance in Urban Development” is a brand new, two-volume piece based on a series of working papers on ‘Civic Diagnosis’ compiled at The Max Lock Centre, University of Westminster between 2017-2021.

Volume 1 includes chapters on:

  • Origins and Methodologies of ‘Civic Diagnosis’
  • Civic Diagnosis and Setting the Scene for Progress 1997-2009

Volume 2 includes chapters on:

  • Searching for Evidence of Progress
  • Taking Forward the Professionally-Led Urban Planning Concepts
  • 100 Years of Civic Diagnosis / Human Ecology / City Region Intervention Tools in Practice for a World Recognising Climate Change Scenarios

Both volumes will be published on the CHEC website in the coming weeks and will be free to download.

A Bonus Introduction

To serve as an introduction to this exclusive publication Michael has prepared a short essay called “Analysing ‘Civic Diagnosis’ in UK-led International Urban Planning Policy” which provides as an introduction to Sir Patrick Geddes, recognises him as an early pioneer of ‘human ecology’ and looks to understand how the ‘civic diagnosis’ concept influenced the UK’s international urban planning policy.

The introduction can be downloaded here or read on the CHEC website below:

Open Book

Keep a look out in the coming weeks for the publication of Volume’s 1 and 2 and in the meantime, support CHEC by joining our newsletter here or consider donating!

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