Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – Volume 1

Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – Volume 1

Last week we brought you the exciting news of a brand new book launch here on the CHEC website. A week later, we are happy to share with you the first volume of this – Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – Volume 1.

Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’, written by CHEC Trustee Michael Mutter, OBE, begins to show how this human ecological concept influenced the United Kingdom’s International Official Development Assistance in Urban Development.

Volume 1 includes the chapters:

  • Origins and Methodologies of ‘Civic Diagnosis’
  • Civic Diagnosis and Setting the Scene for Progress 1997-2009

Volume 1 of Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ can be downloaded here or viewed on the CHEC website by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – Volume 1

Keep a look out in the coming weeks for the publication of 2 and click here if you missed the exclusive introduction. In the meantime, please support CHEC by joining our newsletter here or consider donating!

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