Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – Volume 2

Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – Volume 2

CHEC is pleased to share the second volume of Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ – a two-volume free publication put together by CHEC Trustee, Michael Mutter.

An exclusive introduction to and Volume 1 of Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ were previously published on the CHEC website sharing this excellent resource to all of our supporters and followers.

Volume 2 includes the chapters:

  • Searching for Evidence of Progress
  • Taking Forward the Professionally-led Urban Planning Concepts
  • 100 Years of Civic Diagnosis/Human Ecology/City Region Intervention Tools in Practice for a World Recognising Climate Change Scenarios: Is This Optimistic Continuity for the Future?

Volume 2 of Pioneers of ‘Civic Diagnosis’ can be downloaded here or viewed on the CHEC website by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Pioneers of Civic Diagnosis Volume 2

Volume 2 of Pioneers of Civic Diagnosis completes the publication run of the books. We will be creating a dedicated web resource for it in the coming weeks so look out for that.

In the meantime, you can find the previous volume and exclusive introduction below:

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