Abhiir Bhalla

Youth Advisor
Abhiir Bhalla, Youth Advisor, Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC)

An active youth environmentalist at a global level, Abhiir has been working in the field of environmental conservation for over 8 years. Identified by the BBC World News as amongst the foremost youth environmentalists in 2020, Abhiir and his work have been featured prominently in the national and international media. As a sustainability consultant, his work focuses on air pollution and waste segregation, and he is currently producing a vastly successful climate change podcast, ‘Candid Climate Conversations‘. A prominent youth leader, Abhiir is passionate about driving youth climate action. He’s been a three-time TEDx Speaker, and is also a Youth Ambassador for Earth Day International. He’s a Youth Advisor to the Board of the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council. Abhiir is working towards a career in sustainability & public policy and/or law. He is driven by a motivation to work for the betterment of India and the planet at large, and it is his aspiration to serve his country as the Prime Minister of India someday. You can find more about Abhiir, his work, and media appearances here

He’s previously led a team of 40+ volunteers at Care for Air, an NGO working to combat air pollution in India, as their head of Operations and Community Engagement. During his tenure, they positively influenced over 700+ individuals and reached institutions spanning across India, emphasising and building awareness around the air pollution problem. UNICEF and UNEP India recently identified Abhiir as a ‘Climate Warrior’. A key project of his was ‘Swachh Chetna’, where he single-handedly brought together private, public and NGO schools to conduct cleanliness, awareness, and plantation drives with the Delhi Metro, which signed an MoU with the initiative as a partner.

CHEC met and spoke with Abhiir at COP26 before he became our Youth Advisor. You can see what he had to say here