Dr. Jennifer Lim

Dr. Jennifer Lim, Trustee, Commonwealth Human Ecology Council

Dr. Jennifer NW Lim, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, School of Public Health Studies, University of Wolverhampton, UK (2016 – present)

My research strands two interlinked areas: health inequalities and behavioural change, with the aim to create positive attitudes and sustainable behavioural change to reduce public health burden – in health and non-health related conditions. I have managed and researched in many areas: quality of care and services, awareness, knowledge, help-seeking and decision-making, psycho-social aspects of disease/condition, willingness to pay and online cancer information – in various health settings (primary, secondary, tertiary, community, and global), disease conditions and multicultural setting.  I have used several methodologies such as in systematic review and health technologies assessment, mixed methods research design, quasi-RCT, case-control studies, public health intervention evaluation, economic studies, and ethnographic methods. My extensive research and public health academic experience have helped understand the benefit of combining different methods and theoretical paradigms in my investigation. My current work is to increase knowledge of brain health in the Chinese population in the UK to reduce the risk of dementia through co-designing culturally appropriate materials, and improving perinatal health access in the Midlands through empowerment and engagement with the socially and ethnic disadvantaged users and families. I have a passion for work in sustainable development, implementation and dissemination of designs or interventions to address public health issues (including issue caused by climate change) in the minority ethnic communities/global majority. Previously a Trustee for the Human Ecology Foundation (2017-2022), and as a Governor (UK) with my expertise, I hope to play a greater role to help the Council’s in realising its goal in sustainable development. I am happy to be part of CHEC for the opportunity to return to my root i.e. my first piece of research which was on climate change and how this impacted on the use of tropical hilly land for shifting cultivation and survival in Sabah, Malaysia.