Mark Robinson

Chairman of the Board
Mark Robinson, Chairman, Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC)

Mark has extensive knowledge of the working of the UK and other governments from a career spanning some 30 years. He has twice been a Member of Parliament and served as Minister of Health and Housing in Wales. He served on the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee and on the All Party Group on Disablement and took a close interest in education and health matters. He has been the Assistant Director in Office of the Commonwealth Secretary-General in London and Second Officer in the Executive Office of the United Nations Secretary-General in New York. Prior to that he worked as Special Assistant to the Head of the United Nations Emergency Relief Operation in Bangladesh. After leaving politics in 1997 he has worked well with all sides of the political spectrum on matters related to charitable organisations such as the Commonwealth Round Table and the Consortium for Education (CCfE). Mark is a non-practicing Barrister at Law. In 2018, Mark became CHEC’s Chairman of the Board.

In 2021, Mark was part of the CHEC delegation that attended COP26 in Glasgow.