Support CHEC: From COP26 to 2022 and Beyond

Support CHEC: From COP26 to 2022 and Beyond

For the last few weeks the CHEC website has been 100% COP26 focussed with our wonderful COP26 Hub. Visitors to the CHEC website have been able to read daily previews, watch daily reviews and get the latest information from the huge climate conference. In today’s post we wanted to share with you the different ways you can support CHEC.

Doing so makes a big difference to the work we are able to do. It helps us continue with the amazing projects we complete and other events we host such as webinars and discussions. Therefore, we’ve put together the best ways to support CHEC throughout COP26 and in general!

Whatever little thing you can do to support CHEC helps and is much appreciate!

How to Support CHEC

1. Follow, Like or Subscribe to CHEC on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to support CHEC is to follow us on our social media channels. We are on the majority of them and having you follow us helps us build our network. It’s super simple to do! Just click on the links below of the social media channels you are on and follow, like or subscribe to our page!

2. Share CHEC’s Posts and Social Media Content

Following on from above, the next easiest way to support CHEC is to share our content and social media posts to your own followers. Just sharing one post can have a huge impact for CHEC. Share buttons are available on each post and each social media channel has its own functions on how to share content.

We really appreciate each and every share!

3. Donate to CHEC

We understand that not everyone is able to donate money which is why we have not put this at the top of the list. Donating to CHEC is now super easy. There are ‘donate’ buttons located around the website, and we’ve included one below. Any donation, large or small, is of huge benefit to CHEC and the work we do.

If you have any issues donating, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist in anyway we can.

4. Signup to CHEC’s Newsletter

Did you know CHEC has a newsletter? If you didn’t, you do now!

CHEC’s newsletter is published every two months and includes a round up of what we’ve been doing. It will share important links, events, project updates and videos. It’s not frequent enough to clog up your email inbox, but comes regulalry enough to provide you with key information worth knowing.

It’s really easy to sign up, just follow the CHEC Newsletter Signup link and enter your details.

5. Become a Member of CHEC

You can also become a member of CHEC. This enables you to become part of the CHEC family! You can find out more about CHEC memberships by following the link: Become a Member of CHEC.

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