The 10 Best Nature Podcasts for 2021

The 10 Best Nature Podcasts for 2021

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The success of podcasts has moved from strength to strength over the years. The varied content available to listeners means that anyone can find something that interests them. Podcasts exist for every topic imaginable and with many places still in lockdown they have provided an alternative way of escape and an opportunity to learn something new.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to compose a list of the 10 best nature podcasts for 2021. There should be something for everyone. If you enjoyed any of our blog posts on the following topics then you’ll love these podcasts.

The below list is in no apparent order. We believe all of the podcasts are excellent. They also come from a varied amount of sources including individuals, activists and non-profit organisations. Check out the list below and let us know your favourite. If you have a favourite that is missing from the list be sure to comment below to let us know!

Projects for Wildlife

Projects for Wildlife includes over 75 podcasts and shares stories and insights from leaders around the world who discuss their wildlife projects. It was recently features on the Feedspot Blog Top 20 Wildlife Podcasts for 2020 and features some truly amazing guests. Each guest is experienced in a different wildlife area and previous episodes have included projects that address marine plastic debris, protecting habitats in India, the wildlife trafficking market in Honduras and human-wildlife conflict.

Projects for Wildlife Podcast Logo
Projects for Wildlife Podcast Logo

The Mongabay Newscast

The Mongabay Newscast is hosted by Mongabay, the non-profit environmental science and and conservation news platform. The podcast is biweekly and covers topics from climate change to biodiversity, tropical ecology, wildlife, and much more. It is presented by the Mongabay team and hosts excellent guests. Latest episodes have covered topics such as saving the Sumatran elephants, the latest news in relation to tropical forests and new innovations to clean up the mining sector.

In Defense of Plants

In Defense of Plants is hosted by Matt who discusses plants of all kinds. Now approaching its 300th episode, In Defense of Plants has covered a range of topics from “Restoring the American Chestnut” and “Orchids at the Center of Cloud Forest Conservation in Ecuador” to “The Importance of Conservation Horticulture”. If plants are your thing then In Defense of Plants is the nature podcast for you.

Black in the Garden

Black in the Garden is an amazing podcast hosted by Colah B. The podcast sits at the intersection of Black Culture and horticulture and against the background of a world in which all the garden fairies and most of the gnomes are white. It is an honest and energetic podcast that everyone should be subscribed to and covers topics such as being “#PlantWoke” and “Misogynoir in Green Spaces”.

Black in the Garden Podcast Logo
Black in the Garden Podcast Logo

Future Ecologies

Future Ecologies is a nature podcast that is concerned with the many ways humans relate to the planet. Now in its third season, Future Ecologies produces excellent content with topics ranging from “Kelp Worlds” to “The Loneliest Plants”. The Future Ecologies podcast is produced, presented and hosted by a great team and is one that should not be ignored.

Green Dreamer

Green Dreamer is a podcast and journal that looks to illuminate the paths of ecological restoration, intersectionally sustainability and true wellness for all. The podcast is also nearing its 300th episode and so far has covered topics such as “Dr. Chelsea Mikael Frazier: Learning Environmentalism Through the Lens of Black Feminism” and “Breaking Down Climate Change Science Into Three Simple Steps with Dr. Jeffrey Bennett”. The Green Dreamer website also has an awesome filter by topic feature so you can find the episodes that are of most interest to you. It is hosted by Kamea Chayne.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World is a podcast created and hosted by best friends Jaimie Pruden and Meghan Offtermatt. It began in 2017 and covers their sustainability journeys since. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics in its full length episodes and its bonus briefings. It is topical, interesting and one that all should listen to!

How to Save the World Podcast Logo
How to Save the World Podcast Logo

An Anthology for the Anthropocene

An Anthology for the Anthropocene is a podcast produced by For the Wild that connects some of the brightest thought-leaders and visionaries to promote a variety of perspectives, grassroot voices, and stories that would would not normally be heard. The podcast tackles important topics such as the struggle to protect wild nature, the importance of ecological renewal and how to heal from the disconnection furthered by consumer culture and human supremacy. To date there are over 200 episodes!


Outside/In is a podcast about the natural world and how we use it. It is a production from New Hampshire Public Radio. The podcast covers a range of important topics including, but not limited to, climate migration, coal and solar power, forest fires, moss and much much more. The show is a mix of reporting and longer-style storytelling that brings the outdoors to you wherever you are.

Trees a Crowd with David Oakes

Trees a Crowd with David Oakes is the perfect podcast for those interested and curious about the world around them. It is a fascinating podcast that covers a wide array of topics with a great list of guests. Our favourite episodes so far are “Mark Carwardine: On the realities of anti-poaching patrols & his conservation heroes”, “Nick Cooke: Beneath the boughs with bluebells and brambles” and “Edward Davey: Learning how to feed the planet in response to COVID-19”.

Trees a Crowd with David Oakes Podcast Logo
Trees a Crowd with David Oakes Podcast Logo

So there you have it – the best 10 nature podcasts for 2021 as selected by CHEC. Of course, there are hundreds of incredible podcasts we were not able to include on the list but if you feel we are missing one of your favourites please do let us know. Also, if you do go onto listen to one of the podcasts in the list let us know your thoughts! We’ve enjoyed listening to them all and hope you do too!

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