The Commonwealth Human Ecology Council Newsletter – November 2019

It’s been a while since our last newsletter but we are still here and are still doing very exciting things in the world of human ecology. Despite our office slowing down for our annual office closure in August the following important updates have happened.

September 2019

CHEC Points 49 Published – In early September CHEC published it’s latest issue of CHEC Points. This latest issue focuses on the Council for Education in the Commonwealth 2019 Annual Conference on “Students: Our Common Wealth. A Focus on Student Success” which was held in Grenada in May. The event was attended by CHEC’s Mark Robinson and Eva Ekehorn, with the latter presenting at the event.

September also saw two interviews published to the CHEC website. First, “An Interview with CHEC’s Chairman, Mark Robinson” was published, shortly followed by “An Interview with Ian Douglas, Trustee and former Chairman“. Both interviews make for fascinating reading and detail the opinions of two very important people in CHEC’s history and continued development. Find out what field in human ecology both are interested in most and how they both became interested in CHEC.

At the end of September, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2020 was announced and launched. CHOGM, as it is often referred, will be held in Rwanda at the end of June. It will look to build on the steps made at CHOGM 2018 in London and will focus on ‘Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming’. CHEC will update what it’s involvement will be in CHOGM 2020 in the coming months so please check back to find out what we will be doing. In the meantime, you can find out more about CHOGM 2020 here.

October 2019

In October, the official launch of the second Zena Daysh lecture was announced. The lecture will take place at the Royal Over-Seas League, London on Tuesday 19th November. We are lucky to be joined by keynote speaker, Professor Asha Kanwar who will be address “Our Changing Climate: Do we need a shift in the way we learn?”. The lecture will be followed by a celebration of CHEC entering it’s 50th Anniversary year. Please come and join us for an exciting lecture and celebration. Entry is free but please register in advanced.

October also saw a new essay added to the website. The new essay is by Eva Ekehorn and looks at “Human Ecology – Growing a Backbone in Students’ Education“. It is an excellent read and is a version of the paper presented by Eva at the Grenada conference earlier in the year.

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