The race between education and (climate) catastrophe – Donnell Davis

HG Wells stated that “History is a race between education and catastrophe”. According to Donnell Davis, this is the essence of the climate change dilemma especially as it applies to human settlements today. Indeed, how can towns and cities act effectively to live with climate change? In order for resilience, individual professionals and community leaders need to learn, question old thinking, and relearn to adapt and live with nature’s many faces labeled climate change.

Davis’ philosophy is that the problem of climate change in cities can be addressed by having individuals within networks continuously participating in rich interdisciplinary interaction for policy and practice and coaching, through accelerated learning. This involves a plan to act, review, share, re-evaluate, unlearn, relearn, adapt, practice, reinvest and be resilient.

To read more on why accelerated learning is an effective response to climate change in cities, click here.

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