Watch: COP26 and New Strategies for Climate Action

Watch: COP26 and New Strategies for Climate Action

As part of our COP26 coverage we are sharing as many interesting and informative articles and videos as possible. We’ve already shared how a healthy environment is now considered a human right and how the Lancet announced a “code red for a healthy future” but this time, we are sharing an interesting video. The video, called “COP 26 and New Strategies for Climate Action”, sees four Bristol University Press authors discuss how to tackle climate change and how to innovate sustainably.

The discussion is chaired by Fiona Howie, Chief Executive of the Town and Country Planning Association. The speakers include:

  • Rebecca Willis
  • Richard Joy
  • Peter Hetherington
  • Stevienna de Saille

Rebecca Willis addresses the role of democracy at COP26. She also discusses how to develop a social mandate for climate action.

Richard Joy shares information on how our global response to the climate crisis needs more than the quick adoption of sustainable technologies such as renewable energy and electric vehicles. It also requires social, economic and political change.

Peter Hetherington looks at the need for a government strategy for land management and enhancement. One that works with a new Environment Bill.

Stevienna de Saille explores how the foundations of our current economic and political systems are based on infinite growth. Responsible stagnation is suggested as a more sustainable way to approach innovation.

It’s a fascinating discussion that includes interesting new strategies for climate action. After each speaker has presented a live question and answer sessions follows.

You can watch the full talk below:

Alternatively, you can watch COP26 and New Strategies for Climate Action on YouTube.

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