CHEC is the Commonwealth body for promoting action on sustainable development. Central to its work is the concept of human ecology, the way in which ecological systems and human societies interact. It recognises that working towards a sustainable future will require social change, and not only technological innovation. How can human relationships with the environment improve local resilience? How can ecosystems be maintained in ways that improve the livelihoods of local communities? CHEC works with all sectors of society across the Commonwealth to foster projects that enhance lives whilst protecting and maintaining both the natural and the built environment.

CHEC emphasises the contribution of the individual, the sharing of skills and experiences, and the dignity and insight of social and cultural and religious experiences.  From this standpoint, human ecology works to create sustainable, lasting improvements in people’s lives.

The Scope of Our Activities

CHEC is a UK-based charity with a network of partners throughout the Commonwealth. It has a broad agenda that includes advocacy, Commonwealth partnership programmes and community projects. We work with a full range of partners from grassroots communities in Commonwealth countries, to other Commonwealth Civil Society organisations, UN agencies and the Heads of Commonwealth Governments.

CHEC has a long history of successful projects dealing with issues such as urban resilience, forestry, fisheries and the livelihood of small local communities which you can read more about here.

CHEC has a broad membership through which our supporters keep up-to-date with CHEC’s work. Find out how to become a member here.

CHEC’s team of experts are constantly working to keep up-to-date with all current and relevant information pertinent to ecology and more. The organization produces several articles and journals which can be accessed online.

Where CHEC Works

CHEC has successfully implemented projects and programmes in the  following Commonwealth countries; Kenya, Uganda, The Gambia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malta, New Zealand, India, Canada, Guyana, Barbados, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Nigeria, Australia, and Sri Lanka. The work of CHEC is supported by many foundations and trusts, particularly the Commonwealth Foundation and the Commonwealth Secretariat, but with help from UN agencies like UNESCOUN HabitatUNEP, the UK and other governments and by the voluntary efforts of both members and non-member friends and colleagues.